A Garden Trellis not only adds decor to your garden but also serves as an essential tool to help plants and veggies grow. This past spring, Pippin Hill’s Certified Horticulturalists’ Diane Burns and Celina DeBrito were inspired by a fellow garden friend and decided to build a Garden Trellis in the Lower Vegetable Gardens at Pippin Hill. It’s now thriving with ornamental and luffah grourds which will be used for fall decorations in the Tasting Room. 

The beauty about a Garden Trellis is that it is perfect for small, at-home gardens as it does not take up a lot of ground space. An extra bonus is that groundhogs, rabbits and other critters cannot reach the produce to nibble on!

How To Build Your Own Garden Trellis 
  1. Make a list of supplies and head to the store. Diane purchased all of her supplies at Tractor Supply. 
    • Cattle panel ( 2 at 4’ x 16‘ length) 
    • 6 foot tall T-bar stakes (4 for each arching trellis)
    • Cable ties 
    • Black Paint Rust-oleum
    • Ornamental Gourd and Loofah Seeds – Diane recommends planting 6 seeds on each side of the trellis. 
  2. Pro-Tip: Diane painted the panels and t-bar stakes black Rust-oleum so that the steel color would not stand out. 
  3. Hammer the T-bar stakes into the ground.
  4. Gently bend the cattle panel into an arch form. Use cable ties to secure the cattle panel to the T-bar stakes. Pro-Tip: It takes 2 people to bend the cattle panel. Stand on opposite ends and walk the cattle panel toward each other until an arch forms.
  5. Plant ornamental gourd and loofah seeds at the base of the trellis. Cucumbers and other edible squashes are also great options to plant. As the plants grow, train them up the pane by weaving them in and out through the panel.  
  6. Appreciate the decor and harvest! At Pippin Hill, the gourds now hang down through the panel and add a very ornamental touch to our lower vegetable garden.
  7. Harvest the gourds when the stem turns brown. They then make the perfect fall decoration!  

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